Best Skateboard Trucks In 2017

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Top Skateboard Trucks 2017

Each part of a skateboard is just as important as the entire thing itself because it will not be a skateboard if it’s missing even one part. From the wheels to the deck, each part has a purpose and it would not be included if it does not have a specific function. Therefore, it is essential to give importance to each part of the skateboard when planning on building one or buying one on the market.

Most people will only know the wheels and the deck because it’s the first two things that they see on the surface. However, there are many more parts that comprise a skateboard. One part in particular is the skateboard truck. They are the metal axles that connect the wheels to the deck. Imagine not having a decent skateboard truck. It can lead to a disaster because the wheels would just fall off without it.

Now that the importance of skateboard trucks has been emphasized, what trucks are worth buying? There are many skateboard truck brands that put out quality trucks. However, there are also those that just put out good designs but can’t withstand the harsh impact of actual skateboarding. Those are the kinds that skateboarders should avoid. Read below where we list top skateboard trucks.

Quest Matte Silver Double Battle Skateboard Truck

The first product that is worth checking out is the Quest Matte Silver Double Barrel Skateboard Truck. What makes this different from most skateboards is that it has double barrel bushings that allow the rider to make smooth transitions and softer turns, making steering relatively easier. It has a simple yet cool design that goes with whatever color the skateboard wheels and deck might be.

Venture Polished Low Skateboard Truck

Venture is a skateboard brand that is known to put out quality low skateboard trucks and this new product does not disappoint. It’s axle width is about eight (8) inches and its hanger height stands about 5.25 inches tall. Just as its name suggests, it is a low truck because of its height. Other specifications are as follows: 9 by 5 by 4 inches in size and 2 pounds in weight. Its light weight makes it easy to use, especially for those who do intricate tricks.

Krux Skateboard Trucks

For those who prefer intricate designs over monochromatic colors, Krux skateboard trucks are the ones to buy. Not only do they have a unique and eye-catching design, these products are also made from quality materials. It is about 3.5 inches tall, which is the ideal height for a truck. Some skateboarders prefer not to have tall trucks because it can really affect their performance. But with this truck, it wouldn’t matter how tall it is. The quality itself already makes up for whatever it is lacking.

Finding the best skateboard trucks can be troublesome because of the many brands being released on a daily basis. For starters, the three skateboard trucks mentioned above are good quality trucks that both beginners and professionals love to use.