Schwinn 170 Upright Stationary Bike Review

Everyone wants to maintain a physically fit body that somehow implies that they are healthy. If they love eating good food, exercise is a must. Most people who are working or studying find it hard to achieve or sustain a good physique. Today, there are many alternative exercises that do not require a gym membership or a regular jog in the park. For those who do have not much time after work or school, exercising on a stationary bike at home is definitely a good choice. Stationary bikes are portable, easy-to-control, and can also be a fun alternative. Specifically, the Schwinn 170 upright bike is a total must-have. Most people have great reviews regarding the product and suggest fitness enthusiasts give the bike a try. Here is our quick Schwinn 170 review.

Workouts are really exhausting but should be fun and comfortable at the same time. The Schwinn 170 stationary bike provides comfortable exercise experience with its smooth pedals, well-placed grips, and a beautifully contoured seat. A workout grind should be supported by easy and smooth equipment for use also to avoid injuries or strains. The features allow you to seat in a relaxed way while biking. Schwinn 170 upright bike will assure you that exercise could be both fulfilling and comfortable at once!

Schwinn 170 has professional features yet the equipment control is really simple. Its 29 workout programs will surely make your workout program an interesting one. You could choose a program based on your fitness goals or level of workout intensity needed. It also allows you to set the calories you want to burn up, the training duration or the distance you want to ‘bike’. It’s truly owner-friendly and really helps you develop a program that could help you get fit. If you have a program, it can be saved to your flash drive and have it used the next time you work out!

Schwinn exercise bike

The built-in acoustic chamber speakers are worth the praise since majority of those who exercise likes to listen to groovy, pumped and energetic music while working out. The speakers pretty much explode quality and stimulating sound. It also has two LCD screens that display workout statistics and the workout profile you have set. This allows you to keep track of your improvement along the entire workout session. Fitness results such as pulse, distance covered and intensity are all displayed for your monitoring.

The assembly of the upright bike is really easy and can be done by an individual. Not a problem for those who are alone during work out sessions. Lastly, the cost of the exercise bike is definitely a surprise. With the quality, design, and features of the bike, the Schwinn 170 upright bike can even ask for more from you but it doesn’t! It’s worth every penny for all who work out and has not much time to hit the gym.

Bottomline? The Schwinn 170 upright bike is the bomb! It has everything that an exercise bike owner wants from a stationary bike – quality, durability, well-designed parts, user-friendly features, and pocket-friendly cost. You should definitely try it and know why most owners are so satisfied with their exercise bike!